A Review Of The All-Time Favourite: The Havaianas Flip Flops

The term “Havaianas” is Hawaiian for “haremoes.” They’re a tough type of sandal native to the islands that has been worn by both men and women alike for centuries. Many describe their footwear as being like they’re on fish-net stockings, with little or no lacing. These fun flip flops are popular across many cultures as they provide some of the best protection from the elements, while providing comfort as well. Let’s take a closer look at these popular footwear.

A Look at the Popular Havaianas Flip Flops

The havaianas slim model features a rubber sole, like your traditional flip flops. However, the slim model also features an elastic midsole that offers extra support for those who may be on their feet for a long time. Both the thin and the elastic-slim models have pointed soles, which is important for getting a good grip on the ground. To make the shoe more comfortable, the havaianas slim also has air pockets in strategic spots. And just like many other flip flops, the soles are designed with natural rubber compounds for durability and traction on soft surfaces.

The havaianas flip flops also come in a version called the havaianas sandals. They come with a slightly more stylish look that use black rubber soles and straps, although the design and color of the straps are the same. They’re made with a flexible sole for durability on all types of surfaces, and the strap area on these sandals is complemented by an elastic midsole. The sandals are also equipped with air pockets to provide additional support for those with blisters or sensitive skin, and they have the same open-toe design as the sandals for easy attachment of the straps.