The M – An ideal place to live

The M in Middle Road, the second largest shopping center in the city, is an exciting new mixed-use complex that includes the M condominium, which features a total of 522 apartments. The building, which offers residents easy access to everything from the Mall of Cambodia to the National Museum, is located on the corner of a new, multi-story shopping center known as Central Plaza, and is set to provide residents with some of the most exciting shopping opportunities in Phnom Phen City.

The M, new mixed development located at Middle Road, by Wingtai Asia

The M in Middle Road is an ideal place to live in and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery that is found in Cambodia. The building was built on a new site with the intention of incorporating shopping areas, apartments and other amenities into one convenient space, but in its original design, it was not intended to be a condo. In fact, the developer of the project wanted the building to be purely an apartment building and to have no condo units built in.

However, the developer of the building and several local architects realized that it would not be feasible to create a shopping complex without the addition of condos in the building. The developers, after thorough planning and redesigning, decided that it would be best to incorporate a small, one-level mall into the shopping center while still maintaining some of the character of the area.